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Latest News

  • Latest news from a study on syringe performance from 4 commercial suppliers
    Following various quality "scares" from suppliers of sterile disposable syringes, we are in a position to report the work completed so far on the quality of these devices. Concerns remain about the suitability of one manufacturer's product when used for extended storage.  Other manufacturers products appear to perform well but some much better than others. For more information, open the report here. ...
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    13/09/2016 by: Global Admin
  • Braun and Surety micro retentive filters considered compatible with methotrexate and hydrocortisone sodium succinate intrathecal injection.
    Following the report from Stockport on two intrathecal drug filter compatibility (vancomycin and cytarabine) QCNW Liverpool have now published theparallel study on hydrocortisone sodium succinate and methotrexate intrathecal injections. Our report is available to read here Two brands of microbial filters were tested (Surety and PALL).  Both filters showed no significant drug absorption and are considered compatible. ...
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    12/09/2016 by: Global Admin
  • Rasburicaise filter needle compatibility reported
    QCNW Liverpool report concludes that Rasburicase 1.5mg/ml (Fasturtec) filtered through a 5 micron syringe filter, shows no significant loss or changes in dose through filtration process. The full report is avalalble here ...
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    12/09/2016 by: Global Admin
  • * NEW * Quality Assurance of Aseptic Preparation Services (edition 5)
    Edition 5 of Quality Assurance of Aseptic Preparation Services is now available on the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's web pages.  http://www.rpharms.com/unsecure-support-resources/quality-assurance-of-aseptic-preparation-services.asp?     ...
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    30/06/2016 by: Sharon Jackson